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God never intended for us to take this life journey alone. He created us to live in community, and the way we find connection and community

here at New Life Church is through LifeGroups.


LifeGroups are an exciting way for you to meet others at NLC. They are small groups of people that meet on a regular basis who are united by common interests, similar life situations, or shared purpose. Whether you are looking for a place to meet new friends, grow spiritually or serve your community, there is a LifeGroup for you!


Below you’ll find a listing of all of our LifeGroups. They are categorized three different ways: short term, regular term, and long term:



Short term groups meet for a set amount of time, usually once per week for 4-8 weeks in a classroom environment and

  cover a specific topic of study.


Regular term groups meet once per month for fellowship and usually meet in homes in our area or at a local establishment.

  Although you can leave or change groups at any time, we encourage everyone to stay with their regular term group for the

  entire year-long session.


Long term groups operate more as a club or ministry, have a specific purpose or mission, and meet only when the need or

  occasion arises.

We believe that everyone, no matter how long you’ve been attending NLC, should belong to one of our regular term LifeGroups and attend as often as your schedule allows. You can also join one of the short or long term groups if what they are doing interests you. Whatever group or groups you decide to join, we hope you will feel at home here and connect in a healthy, dynamic LifeGroup that helps you grow in your relationship with God and each other.

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